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- Is InteliWound right for my organization?

Yes! No matter the care setting InteliWound will enhance productivity and save money on supplies while improving outcomes for patients with skin breakdown.

- Who created InteliWound?

InteliWound was created by a wound physician and wound care supply chain expert with a combined 40 years of experience.

- How does the InteliWound ecosystem work?

The clinician photographs, digitally measures, and assesses the wounds then transmits to the cloud. Next, the wound physician reviews all the data, creates a care plan and progress note, then transmits all back to the organization.

- How do you manage patients who need a procedure performed?

InteliWound utilizes local proceduralists or directs the patient to the local specialty care clinic.

- Do you accept insurance?

Yes, the InteliWound physicians are credentialed with most payors, Medicare and Medicaid.